Can we predict who will get anxiety?

The Blue Tree Clinic's budding psychology intern Saskia Castelijn talks about her fascinating research into anxiety... Whenever I am asked about mental health issues and which grabs my interest the most the majority of the time I would say anxiety.

Lots of Yoga

Dr Mark Silvert talks to "Lots of Yoga" about how Yoga can help with your mental well being. Click on the article below to read more...
less stress better nutrition

Food For Thought

The Blue Tree Clinic's resident nutritionist talks healthy eating for the mind.... A balanced diet is crucial for our body and organs to work effectively. If you don’t get adequate micronutrients (vits & mins) and macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) from your diet you will be more prone towards illness, disease, infections and fatigue.
Consultant Psychiatrist

Today’s Psychiatrist

The BlueTree Clinic believes that psychiatry has evolved so much over the last few years. What do you want from your modern psychiatrist? Who exactly are these doctors who listen to our private thoughts and worries? Our doctor writes about this here for The Huffington Post.