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Postnatal Depression: Ask The Body Experts

According to the NHS, postnatal depression affects more than one in every 10 women within a year of giving birth. It can also be possible for fathers and partners to experience the condition. Pink Parcel speak to Dr. Mark Silvert, Clinical Director at The Blue Tree Clinic, to get the lowdown on postnatal depression and separate the myths from the facts when it comes to the baby blues.

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Dr Silvert on the Matthew Wright Show Talks about Social Media

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The Real Winner Of This World Cup Is… The Bookies

Now France has won and the World Cup has ended, this hopefully won’t be seen as a miserable reactionary piece to a failed England World Cup campaign. After all as Jane Austen said: “The sanguine expectation of happiness is happiness itself.” So we will continue to enjoy and expect it to “come home.”

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Dr Mark Silvert, talks to TalkRadio about Depression in Women

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Dr Mark Silvert, talks to TalkRadio about the phenomenon of Gas lighting

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Dr Silvert is interviewed by the Guardian…

Imagine your partner treated you like your bank does – would you tolerate their behaviour? It may seem like a puzzling question, but consider the following: what if you could only have a nine-to-five relationship with your loved one? Or imagine they only got in touch when they wanted something from you.

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Anti-depressants: Facts v fiction – should you take them?

Last summer, Heidi Scrimgeour joined the tens of thousands of Britons who are on anti-depressant medication. A combination of factors – family concerns, work, being given notice on a rented house unexpectedly – tipped the 41-year-old over an unexpected edge.

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Why I’m Not About To Start ‘Dishing Out’ More Anti-Depressants

As a consultant psychiatrist I have received a tonne of emails and messages in the past week about the news relating to the Lancet’s publication of the meta-analysis of 522 randomised control trials into the effectiveness of anti-depressants.

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We are proud to showcase our brave Made in Chelsea clients talking to the Daily Mail Online about how they overcame depression, eating disorders and social anxiety.

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The Blue Tree Clinic’s Occupational Therapist Naomi Cooper gives her proactive advice on making friends as an adult to yahoo news and how we overcome this 21st century difficulty

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Nutritionist Charlotte Turner talks to WGN Radio in Chicago on why we should avoid fad diets and suggests how we can lose weight effectively

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Dr Silvert talks to LBC in the wake of the Death of Jo Cox about Trauma

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Mental health & Wellbeing: 7 ways to improve your focus and reduce stress

If you’re having trouble making the most of your time, have poor concentration, or difficulty getting things completed and out of your mind, it can be stressful to say the least. Luckily, armed with our expert tips you can make some simple changes to your life and be rewarded with improved focus and reduced stress.


A matter of size: Penis extension

From the Ancient Greek herm statues – a stone plinth with a head and a massive penis on it – to virtual reality porn in the year 2016, humans have long been in thrall of massive manhood. Dr Jessica Weinberger talks to BBC Three.

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