Autism in Girls and Women

Aspiring trainee psychologist Phoebe Lawes (pictured here) writes about autism in girls and women: Who do you think of when you hear the word autism? Most commonly, Autism Spectrum Condition is associated with boys and men, thought of as a…continue reading
self esteem

Tackling Low Self Esteem

Bluetree’s psychology intern Alannah Fallon writes about tackling self esteem issues and how we can help.. Self-esteem refers to the way in which we feel about and value ourselves. It refers to the confidence we have in our own abilities…continue reading
Sleep Anxiety - The Blue Tree Clinic

Sleep Anxiety

The Blue Tree Clinic's resident intern, Alannah Fallon investigates the importance of good sleep.....   Importance of sleep Sleep is vital for the development and adequate functioning of the mind and body, and therefore a good sleep routine equates to…continue reading