5 recipes to enjoy this summer!

The summer has arrived! Which means one thing BBQ’s and summer parties.

Want to blow your guests away? Want to add a little sprinkling of colour to your food display? Well here are our top 5 recipes which will fit in with your festive fun.

Feta and Cous Cous summer salad

What do you need?
– 100g couscous
– 200ml vegetable stock
– 2 tbsp Pesto
– 1 spring onion
– Handful of shallots
– 1 red pepper
– ½ cucumber
– 50g feta cheese (cut up into cubes)
– 1 tbsp pine nuts
– 1 tbsp pecan nuts
What to do.
1) Place the cous cous into a large bowl.
2) Prepare the vegetable stock and pour over the cous cous.
3) Cover the bowl with cling film and leave for 15 minutes until the cous cous enlarges and all the
vegetable stock has sunk into the cous cous.
4) Separately prepare (by washing and chopping) the shallots, onion, cucumber and red pepper.
5) Cut up the feta cheese into cubes.
6) Add all the prepared vegetables and feta cheese into the cous cous.
7) Finally add in the pine nuts, pecan nuts (and any other desired nuts) and the two spoons of pesto.
8) Mix together and your summer salad is ready! Enjoy!

Rocky Road

What do you need?
– 150g butter
– 350g dark chocolate
– 4 tbsp golden syrup
-150g mini Marshmallows
– 250g chocolate chip biscuits (Mary Land biscuits or digestives are also good)
– a tea spoon of icing to dust the rocky road at the end.
1) Melt the butter on the hob, add the chocolate to the pan. Once melted at the golden syrup and
2) Break up the cookies into bread crumb sizes however leave some bigger bits too (use a rolling pin
and plastic bag).
3) Remove the pan from the heat and add the crushes biscuits into the mixture.
4) Add in the marshmallows and mix.
5) Put the mixture into a low tin and place the tin into the fridge. Allow it to set overnight.
6) Cut up the rocky road into squares and dust over with icing
7) Your rocky road is ready to be eaten- Enjoy!

Eton mess

What do you need?
– 6 meringues
– 500g Strawberries
– 4 tbsp golden syrup
– 400ml double cream
– handful mint
1) Chop up the strawberries and divide the batch into two.
2) Blend one of the batches of strawberries and keep the other batch until a little later.
3) Crush up 2 of the meringues into small bits
4) Whip up the double cream.
5) Fold the blended strawberry into the double cream and add the crushed meringues.
6) Place the 4 meringues on a plate and pour the blended strawberry, double cream and crushed
meringues into the centre of the meringues. Add a couple of the chopped strawberries on the top.
7) Garnish with mint and enjoy!

Potato Salad

What do you need?
– 800g small new potato
– 3 shallots
– 1 onion
– 3 tbsp mayonnaise
-3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
– Handful parsley leaves
1) Boil the potatoes
2) Cut the potatoes into chunks and place into a bowl.
3) Cut up shallots and onions into small chunks and place into the bowl.
4) Add the mayonnaise and mix together.
5) Add the olive oil and if wanted a tea spoon of vinegar.
6) Stir all together and add parsley. If you like

Tomato and Courgette Gratin

What do you need?
– 500g small new potato
-500g courgette
-500g tomatos (cherry and normal sized)
– 2 garlic gloves
– 5 tbsp Olive oil
– Handful of herbs of your choice; oregano, mint, basil, thyme
-75g Gruyère
-25g parmesan grated
1) Heat oven to gas mark 5.
2) Boil the potatoes and drain.
3) Chop up the garlic and add the olive oil
4) Get a low oven proof dish
5) Cut the potatoes in half and create one layer. Then add the chopped tomatoes and courgette on
top of the potatoes. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with garlic.
6) Grate cheese on top.
7) Repeat for another layer; following the steps of potato, tomato and courgette.
8) Sprinkle remaining cheese on top.
9) Bake in the oven for 40 minutes and enjoy!