Poki Stop! Poki WHAT!?

In the last week the world has gone Pokemon Go crazy!

IMG-20160720-WA0000Millions of us have become addicted to the game which has brought Pokemon back to life! However, it doesn’t seem to be just a game, in some ways it seems to have become a way of life and an addiction. It even features on the BBC news! For a free app which is downloaded by the simple press of a button, it seems to have taken the world by storm! With people even quitting their jobs to play the game full time! But why is it so popular? 

Well… There are various reasons!

1) It seems to bring back a feeling of nostalgia. For many of us it brings back a happy childhood memory as many born in the 1990’s this a very popular game and toy. Hence why the app has not only attracted the young but also the older generations! Due to this many parents and children are playing the game together which allows them to bond.

2) It promotes exercise! To be able to collect Pokemon you have to walk or cycle to certain locations! And it seems that people will walk as long as it takes to get those rare Pokemon. This is not only promoting exercise but also promotes going outside into the fresh air! Statistic have shown that average people play an average of 43 minutes of Pokemon per day which is 43 minutes of exercise which in one week means burning around 1800 calories for men and 1500 for women. Something that many parents struggle to convince their children to do.

3) It has also been shown to solve crimes! As many people are looking around for Pokemon more crimes are being spotted because people are becoming more aware of their surroundings and observant of what is going on!

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So what are the issues!?

There are various safety concerns !

a) Unfortunately very young children are playing Pokemon which causes safety concerns for parents. This can be a very risky game for young children if there are no parental controls on the game. Individuals with bad intentions could lure children in locations which are unsafe and without the child having control. (If you are concerned about your child playing Pokemon the NSPCC website has a lot of help, support and guidance on understanding the game and how to ensure your child is safe).

b) A lack of concentration. People are so obsessed with the game that they are for example forgetting to check for cars when crossing the road or people are simply not aware of their environment which could potentially be very dangerous

And finally…


2) Addiction! (Definition:An addiction is a strong and uncontrollable urge to undertake certain activities. This addiction exerts happiness in the individual and gives them the feel good factor. The addiction may begin with something such as playing a game being pleasurable the behaviour results in the individual wanting to repeat the behaviour as the individual enjoyed it. This repetition of the behaviour can eventually lead to an addiction from which the individual has high difficulty retreating from).

Everyone seems to be addicted to the game! It seems people spend hours on the game. They can go for minutes, hours and days playing the game without really thinking of the consequences! Here at The Blue Tree Clinic we understand that new games are exciting but so is your mental health! Addiction can be a very serious problem! So make sure you take regular breaks when playing and ensure you put a time limit on how much you can play everyday! And if you believe you are getting too addicted here at The Blue Tree Clinic we can help you before the issue gets too bad!