Saving Money Addict

Money makes the world go round, but are you addicted to saving money?

There is a famous saying “Money makes the world go round” and many claim that this is not true. However, saving money plays a vital role in everyday life. Money in itself is of little worth however what you can achieve with money can be life changing; be it sending your child to a private school, paying for a holiday or even paying for your lunch. Money can be the cause of upset and success however for some money can become a huge problem and can even become an addiction. Be it an addiction to saving money relentlessly or spending your money in uncontrollable ways.

Saving money is a great thing and many of us are unable to save money. However getting carried away to saving money can cause issues. So how can you tell if you have an addiction to saving money?

Savings Addict?

– Do you feel guilty when you spend money?

– Do you feel like you have to justify the money you spend?

-Do you always look for vouchers and sales?

-Do you always search for reduced things?

If the answer is yes to these questions then you could potentially have an addiction to saving money!

So when do you know you have a real addiction?

It is all well and good controlling your money but it can become a serious problem! So when do you know that you have a real addiction to saving money? A big hint is how much it consumes your life! If you go into a shop and obsess over the cost of each individual thing and worry about the total bill at the end of the shop this could become problematic. Is it overpowering to the extent that you cannot enjoy small things in life? Such as feeling guilty for buying a 60p chocolate bar?  If you think that you are addicted to saving money make sure you talk to someone about it! Addiction can be a huge problem within itself but it can lead to other issues such as anxiety (being worried about going out and spending money) and depression (being low and upset about your spending habits).

Here at The Blue Tree Clinic we are here to help you! We will give you a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear! We will give you tips, tricks and skills to help you find logical and reasonable ways of saving money but still living! But in the meantime here are:

Our top tips of letting go of the control.

– Make a spread sheet of how much money you have coming into the bank and how much you need to save and how much you can spend every month without feeling guilty, be it £10 or £100.

– Compromise! Save for something you really want or need rather than spending money that in a months’ time won’t be used and will most likely be thrown in the bin.


-Enjoy the little things! It is okay to spend that 2 pounds for a coffee! ESPECIALLY if it puts a smile on your face!


-If you do need to save for something important remember you are just as important and your mental health and wellbeing is a priority! SO whilst saving is important don’t forget to occasionally treat yourself


-Talk about the fact  that you are struggling! Friends and family have probably had moments where they have had to save intensely! Ask them how they coped! They may even treat you to that magazine you so badly want but cannot justify!