Saving Money Addict

Money makes the world go round, but are you addicted to saving money?There is a famous saying “Money makes the world go round” and many claim that this is not true. However, saving money plays a vital role in everyday life. Money in itself is of little worth however what you can achieve with money can be life changing; be it sending your child to a private school, paying for a holiday or even paying for your lunch. Money can be the cause of upset and success however for some money can become a huge problem and can even become an addiction. Be it an addiction to saving money relentlessly or spending your money in uncontrollable ways.

Poki Stop! Poki WHAT!?

In the last week the world has gone Pokemon Go crazy!Millions of us have become addicted to the game which has brought Pokemon back to life! However, it doesn’t seem to be just a game, in some ways it seems to have become a way of life and an addiction. It even features on the BBC news! For a free app which is downloaded by the simple press of a button, it seems to have taken the world by storm! With people even quitting their jobs to play the game full time! But why is it so popular?
Summer Recipes

5 recipes to enjoy this summer!

The summer has arrived! Which means one thing BBQ’s and summer parties.Want to blow your guests away? Want to add a little sprinkling of colour to your food display? Well here are our top 5 recipes which will fit in with your festive fun.
Exploitative and fraudulent behaviour

How to tell if someone is lying

For years on end there has been much speculation about whether you can really detect if someone is lying . Here at The Blue Tree Clinic we have decided  to help you beat those myths and discover the truth.

Learning to Cope on International Widow Day

The loss of a loved one can be a heart-breaking process which can take weeks, months and years to come to terms with. When people are grieving they go through a process called bereavement, this is a time where the individual spends time to adjusting to loss. It is a time where an individual learns to cope with their grief. Each individual deals with bereavement differently and no two losses are the same however it is said that there certain stages of bereavement.

Calling all males, let’s talk men’s health

Health and mental health has always been an area of much taboo and stigma. From the 13th – 19th of June is men’s health week which here at The Blue Tree Clinic we find extremely important as it is a positive step to teaching, educating, and learning more about men’s health.

A day for reflection on Armed Forces Day

Armed forces dayEngland is well known for its pride and patriotism towards Queen and country.  This is why so many people dedicate their lives to their country, by working for the armed forces, the navy, marines, air forces, and Special Forces. Soldiers who work for our country are highly respected and praised for the work they do but little thought goes into the consequences that these roles have on not on the individual’s mental health and welfare but also their families and loved ones.

The Psychology of Clothing – What you wear says about you!

Royal Ascot - Are you judged on what you wear?Royal Ascot has become a date in the diary for many people. It is an event which requires a certain type of dress, hat, suit and shoes and where everyone is willing to conform to wearing something beyond the usual. Traditionally the basic function of clothing was to protect the individual from their environment with the purpose of survival and warmth however now it seems an area of great interest and fascination as well as being an indication of social economic status, job status, religion, as well as a way to express who we want to be seen as. Which begs the question do people really judge us based on what we are wearing or is it all just for show?
Consultant Psychiatrist

What Can You Expect If You Decide To Visit a Consultant Psychiatrist?

Making the first Step to seeing a consultant psychiatrist...Deciding to see a consultant psychiatrist is a big step and one you should be exceptionally proud of. A lot of people worry about going to see a psychiatrist, as they worry they are going to be judged, and they find the situation extremely intimidating. However, this is something you really do not need to worry about, as a psychiatrist’s job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Someone with a lot of experience will empathise with you and understand what you are going through; they certainly won’t judge you.