The rising fear in the wake of the terror attacks

In modern day society people can be fearful of many different things. Unfortunately in the last few years something which has drastically increased is terror attacks. A terror attack is the use of extreme violence against other human beings.

vThese attacks are usually calculated and planned however conducted spontaneously to leave a shock factor. These attacks are usually motivated by religion or politics.

Terror attacks can occur in various different ways such as bombings, explosive devices, knife crime, guns, amongst other threatening behaviour. The terrorism threat level that the UK is currently experiencing, ranges from the severe to critical; meaning that an attack is highly likely.

Terror attacks are extremely scary and frightening due to their violent nature and unpredictability. Due to this many individuals are now fearful of becoming victim to a terror attack or witnessing one.

At The Blue Tree Clinic we cannot predict or stop attacks however we can help you think about the terror attacks in a more balanced and realistic manner. Here are some of our top tips to keep yourself safe and to try and reassure you.

1) Do not avoid situations – continue enjoying life – just be vigilant

2) Talk to each other! AND talk to children about it. It is best to have an open and honest discussion about the best thing to do in those situations. Discuss your worries and fears and work through them together. Better spoken about then left saying nothing!

3) If you are frightened – expose yourself slowly. Make slow steps. Go outside, go to a café, go to a shopping centre. Build it up.

4) Be realistic – unfortunately attacks will continue but being vigilant yet living your life is the best thing to do

5) DO NOT discriminate – often attacks are conducted under the names of religion and politics. These people DO NOT represent their religion so do not hate others who share their religion. Which leads to…

6) LOVE. Show extra kindness and compassion to others. Coming together and uniting defeats all hate crimes!

As well as general tips we have created a quick tip list incase you ever feel in imminent danger!

In an attack

1) If you see anything which makes you feel uncomfortable – Inform the police- better safe than sorry!

2) If you feel in immediate danger call 999 and if you can RUN.

3) If it is SAFE to – inform others that they must run to safety

4) Find cover- behind a strong structure such as a pillar or wall.

5) Look for an exit! – Or hide somewhere safe until you can reach that exit.

6) Don’t let them see or hear you! Try to remain as quiet as you can. Turn your phone to silent and try to remain still

7) Try to be aware of what is going on – in these situations it can be difficult but you may be able to help yourself or others later on.

8) LISTEN to police officers

9) Breathe – try not to scream. Being rationale and clear is the best thing you can do.

10) If you are safe – let someone know, via text, facebook, social media.

We hope there are some valuable and helpful tips. Look after each other. Stay safe and do not live in fear of the unknown.