Poki Stop! Poki WHAT!?

Poki Stop! Poki WHAT!?

In the last week the world has gone Pokemon Go crazy! Millions of us have become addicted to the game which has brought Pokemon back to life! However, it doesn’t seem to be just a game, in some ways it seems to have become a way of life and an addiction. It even features on the BBC news! For a free app which is downloaded by the simple press of a button, it seems to have taken the world by storm! With people even quitting their jobs to play the game full time! But why is it so popular?
Summer Recipes

5 recipes to enjoy this summer!

The summer has arrived! Which means one thing BBQ’s and summer parties. Want to blow your guests away? Want to add a little sprinkling of colour to your food display? Well here are our top 5 recipes which will fit in with your festive fun.
Exploitative and fraudulent behaviour

How to tell if someone is lying

For years on end there has been much speculation about whether you can really detect if someone is lying . Here at The Blue Tree Clinic we have decided  to help you beat those myths and discover the truth.