Impostor Syndrome

Maddy Lykourgos offers some information about Impostor Syndrome and how to spot it   What is Impostor Syndrome? Impostor syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in individuals who experience intense anxiety and self-doubt in their abilities, even when there…continue reading

How Do I Find the Right Therapist for me?

Maddy Lykourgos writes about the importance of finding a therapist that suits you and some key questions to bear in mind… After making the decision to start attending therapy sessions, the next task should be to choose a therapist suited…continue reading

Freshers and Mental Health

Blue Tree intern Maddy Lykourgos discusses the alarmingly high rate of mental health problems among first-year university students… Moving into university is an exciting time for many young people, the first chance for most to gain more independence and autonomy.…continue reading

How do we deal with failure?

Blue Tree intern Maddy Lykourgos outlines possible reasons why we deal with ‘failure’ so badly… Given the current aftermath that’s following the recent exam results season and new start to the academic year, failure and success are juxtaposed terms that…continue reading


Blue Tree intern Maddy Lykourgos describes the gloomier side of summertime… Summer is well underway, with temperatures continuing to soar across the country and records being broken all over Europe. Whether you’re enjoying the weather abroad along the beachside or…continue reading

Grief: “it comes in waves”

For something that is so natural and certain, death is not a topic we generally deal with well. No two experiences of mourning are the same and while everybody goes through it, no one can prepare you for it or…continue reading

How do I talk about my depression?

How do I talk about my depression? Statistically speaking, depression is one of the most common mental health problems in UK society. So, what makes it so difficult to talk about? In the UK we’re probably most recognisable for our…continue reading