Millenials and Mental Health

Millennials and Mental Health: Blue Tree intern Maddy Lykourgos discusses the barrier between millennials and mental health services… There has been an increasing amount of attention brought to how millennials deal with everyday life stressors, and they’re often labelled the…continue reading

Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 (14th-20th May) Blue Tree intern Maddy Lykourgos promotes Mental Health Awareness Week... This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is stress and how we cope with it. Naturally, stress impacts our state of mind,…continue reading

Personality Disorders

Personality Disorder (PD) The term ‘personality’ reflects an individual’s set of characteristics that determine how they behave, think and feel. For those affected with PD, it can affect the way they develop both their relationship with others and themselves. It…continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

Why Can’t I Keep My New Year’s Resolution?  Blue Tree intern and aspiring psychologist Maddy Lykourgos describes the pressures of a new year and the dreaded resolutions… Happy New Year from your team here at The Blue Tree Clinic! It’s…continue reading

Hearing Voices

Blue Tree intern and aspiring psychologist Maddy Lykourgos discusses hearing voices… Hearing voices is often the term used for hearing speech or sounds that no one else present can hear. This type of auditory hallucination can be distracting, confusing and…continue reading

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Blue Tree intern and aspiring psychologist Maddy Lykourgos outlines CFS…   As the days are getting shorter, it seems like there’s more to do in a shorter space of time. Waking up and coming home in…continue reading

Stress Of The Holiday Period

Blue Tree intern and aspiring psychologist Maddy Lykourgos describes the increasing pressure that comes with the Holiday period... Christmas adverts have aired, decorations and lights have gone up and the festive markets are scheduled to arrive on our streets at…continue reading

Anxiety Around Fireworks?

The Bluetree Clinic's 2017 intern, Maddy Lykourgos discusses the recent controversy over banning fireworks. Should we be banning Fireworks? With Guy Fawkes Night approaching, the petitions against the use of fireworks are fast increasing. This controversy, although not new, has…continue reading