Stress Of The Holiday Period

Blue Tree intern and aspiring psychologist Maddy Lykourgos describes the increasing pressure that comes with the Holiday period... Christmas adverts have aired, decorations and lights have gone up and the festive markets are scheduled to arrive on our streets at…continue reading

Anxiety Around Fireworks?

The Bluetree Clinic's 2017 intern, Maddy Lykourgos discusses the recent controversy over banning fireworks. Should we be banning Fireworks? With Guy Fawkes Night approaching, the petitions against the use of fireworks are fast increasing. This controversy, although not new, has…continue reading

Coping with Stress at Work

Stress and coping at work? Top tipsBluetree intern and aspiring psychologist Maddy Lykourgos runs through how to cope with work stress..

The rising fear in the wake of the terror attacks

In modern day society people can be fearful of many different things. Unfortunately in the last few years something which has drastically increased is terror attacks. A terror attack is the use of extreme violence against other human beings.

Autumn Psychology

It’s October! It’s autumn! This means one thing… It’s time to get festive and get creative! Autumn is a season for brilliant foods and spices such as cinnamon, pumpkin and butternut squash as well as a brilliant time to get arty and creative. However for many it can be a time of the year which can install a sense of fear and apprehension.


Life can be challenging. Sometimes the pressures we are under become overwhelming. Let us help you get your life back on track by showing you new ways to manage stress, so that you can reclaim control over your own life.

World Mental Health Day

For many the 10th of October is just another day in the year but for us here at The Blue Tree Clinic, and our BlueTree Staff it is a huge day!

Our Top Ten CBT Life Hacks

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very effective type of treatment for individuals suffering from a range of issues such as anxiety. However CBT techniques can be useful in everyday life, regarding of whether you need therapy or not. So we have come up with our top ten ways that you can use CBT in your daily life.