Psychotherapy.. what is it all about?

A little bit of history on……FREUD and PsychotherapyYou may hear the name Freud thrown around a lot and you may know a little bit about him but we are here to help you get a better understanding. So let us start with a little bit of background history …

Saving Money Addict

Money makes the world go round, but are you addicted to saving money?There is a famous saying “Money makes the world go round” and many claim that this is not true. However, saving money plays a vital role in everyday life. Money in itself is of little worth however what you can achieve with money can be life changing; be it sending your child to a private school, paying for a holiday or even paying for your lunch. Money can be the cause of upset and success however for some money can become a huge problem and can even become an addiction. Be it an addiction to saving money relentlessly or spending your money in uncontrollable ways.