World Mental Health Day

For many the 10th of October is just another day in the year but for us here at The Blue Tree Clinic, and our BlueTree Staff it is a huge day!


This is a day which has huge importance for many in the world and especially those who are suffering with a mental health issue. It is a day where we can raise awareness of mental health, educate people and reduce stigma!

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental health at some point in their lives, regardless of whether this is mild, moderate or severe. Every single case is different and every single case is important. There are various different types of mental health issues ranging from anxiety, depression, bipolar to psychosis, eating disorders and schizophrenia. The variety of mental health issues in the world is huge and so ensuring that people are informed about what they are is vital but we know this can be a little daunting as there are so many! So we have researched the most common and written a brief overview of each one so you can gain a little more understanding!


Our mental health is the way that we think, feel and behave. So when one of these isn’t quite right the rest can be affected like a vicious circle! So for example if we think we have put on weight, we may feel that we look ugly and so we may begin to hide in bigger clothes which then links back to us thinking negatively about ourselves. For some people this can be easy to deal with however for others it can lead to an endless negative circle which can impact our lives quite heavily. The way we deal with situations can sometimes be determined by things that are going on in our lives such as, stress at work, a divorce, a bereavement or even school exams…. It could be anything! This in turn may make it hard for us to cope with life, and so we may need a little help to get back into a happy place. This may be through medication or through to talking to somebody about it, like a psychologist or psychiatrist

So here is our little summary of the most common mental health problems! We hope it helps! And if it does, spread the word and educate others

Autism; Lies on a wide spectrum. Is characterised by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with others. It can impact language, abstract thinking and development

ADHD ; Where behaviour is hyperactive and impulsive . The individual will struggle to pay attention, have a lack of concentration, and will behave in inappropriate and bizarre ways.

Anxiety; A constant feeling of worry and fear, that something bad will happen. Which in turn causes a lack of concentration and sleep and makes day to day tasks very daunting and difficult.

Depression; A constant feeling of being down, sad and miserable. Finding it difficult to find any positivity or happiness in life and constantly feeling and thinking negatively. When this becomes extreme it can lead to self-harm and suicide.

Bipolar; Where moods go from one extreme to the other. This goes from feeling extremely high (known as manic) to very low and depressive (known as depressive episodes). These moods can appear abnormal and inappropriate to the situation an individual is in.

Psychosis; Where an individual loses contact with reality and lives in ta world of their own. This can involve the individual imagining things (visually) as well as hearing things, such as unwanted voices.

Eating disorders; Obsessive thoughts and concerns about weight and food. Constant fear of eating too much and fear of putting on weight. This can lead to an individual purging or binge eating to control their weight. However in time this control is lost as the individual does not realise their weight issue.

Obsessive compulsive disorder ; Where unwanted thoughts and urges reoccur in your mind and make you feel worried. These in turn lead repetitive activities which are done to try and reduce the anxieties however these in turn can lead to further unwanted thoughts and behaviours.

Schizophrenia; Where an individual begins to hear voices, begins to visualise bizarre things, and has disorganised thinking and speech. They find it hard to differentiate what is reality and what is in their mind.

If you think you, or you know someone struggling with these symptoms be sure to give us a ring! We are a private psychiatry and psychology clinic in London with an excellent team of professionals who are here to help you! We are understanding, patient and most importantly we listen! We will tailor the treatment to you to give you the best possible outcome so you leave us happy and confident to face the world.

Lots of Good and Warm Wishes to you all from Dr Mark, Dr Chirag, Dr Jessica, Hadassah, Naomi and Charlotte, and of course our therapy dog – Charlie!

Charlie - Our Therapy Dog
Charlie – Our Therapy Dog