Our Top Ten CBT Life Hacks

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very effective type of treatment for individuals suffering from a range of issues such as anxiety. However CBT techniques can be useful in everyday life, regarding of whether you need therapy or not. So we have come up with our top ten ways that you can use CBT in your daily life.

1) Take a moment. If things are getting too much and you feel stressed. Take a breather, step back and distract yourself. Likelihood is that when you go back to it, you will have fresh eyes and be calmer.

2) Be realistic… If you set yourself a goal to overcome something or conquer something, don’t be too ambitious, make sure it is manageable. And remember when you do conquer/overcome it to reward yourself.

3) Find relaxation methods that work for you. Whether it is having a cup of tea, going for a jog or doing some yoga. Find something that you can do to relax yourself when things get too much.

4) Do some self-investigation! If you realise that certain things upset you or stress you out. Jot them down on some paper so you can have a record of it. This can allow you to focus on the issue and find ways of avoiding those situations or coping with them.

5) Do more of what you like! If there are things that you enjoy doing make sure you do more of it! Or make sure you continue to do it regularly. If you like them, they will make you happier and therefore has a positive effect on you.

6) Self monitor. Set yourself goals and watch yourself achieve them! This can be from a tick list to a sticker chart. Set yourself a goal a week and do your best to achieve it. No matter how big or small, success is success and will make you feel good about yourself.

7) Use online forums! If you are too nervous to speak to friends or family about whatever is upsetting you have a look on forums! There are often many people in the same position as you. This can help you to support each other and create a network of positive supportive communication.

8) At the end of each day think about the best thing and worst thing of your day. Smile at the good thing and think about how you can turn the worst thing into a positive experience that you can learn from.

9) Accept that having a low day or moment is okay! Everyone has them. Reflect on them. Give them a little thought. But then move on. Do not dwell on the past.

10) One for other people! Give someone a reason to smile. Whether it is opening the door for them or buying them a bunch of flowers. Making other people smile also makes you feel good!