What will happen when I see a psychiatrist or psychologist?

How to prepare for your first appointment at The Blue Tree Clinic

Here at Blue Tree, we understand that your first appointment can be daunting. It’s important to remember that, even just by getting in contact with us, you will have already made it over the first hurdle. Here’s what to expect after you’ve made that first step.

What happens after you self-refer to The Blue Tree Clinic?

After you first make contact with us to express an interest in using our services, you will liaise with our consultant psychiatrist to decide which specific type of treatment may benefit you the most. You will then be allocated a therapist who you will coordinate with thereafter.

How long is the waiting list to get an initial appointment?

We appreciate that some matters are urgent, and waiting for treatment with the NHS can sometimes take several months. So, wherever possible, we would always aim to make your first appointment a week or two after you first get in contact with us.

Do I need to prepare anything before my first session?


It’s useful for you to have prepared a summary of your biographic information. If possible, this would include copies of any relevant medical records and additional psychiatric history. This enables the clinician to read through the information and get a broader view of what brings you to us and what kind of treatment may have worked in the past, in order to inform what kind of approach might work for you now. Doing this before the consultation will allow more time to focus on the current issue that led to you contacting us in the first place.


What will my first appointment entail?

You will usually be offered a consultation appointment first. This is your opportunity to explain what difficulties you may be experiencing in your own words. It is also a chance for you to start building a therapeutic relationship with your psychiatrist and come together with them to decide on a treatment plan tailored to suit you.

What happens next?

We offer a wide range of treatments with a skilled set of professionals, so the rest of the therapeutic process is highly unique to you.

Here at The Blue Tree Clinic, we pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible to ensure the whole process is the least overwhelming as possible for you. We work using a variety of mediums to aid this: face-to-face, telephone and even video-call appointments. This enables us to work together with you to slot into your lives without causing too much disruption. Please get in contact now to start off your journey with us here at The Blue Tree Clinic.