Our Nutritionist’s Top 10 Tips

The Blue Tree Clinic's resident Super Nutritionist gives you her top ten tips if you are trying to lose weight.Skipping MealsBy skipping meals you are wreaking havoc with your blood sugar levels, this can cause huge dips in energy, mood, poor skin and overall health. You are more likely to get cravings for foods high is sugar, salt and refined carbs if you miss a meal as your blood sugar (glucose) levels are low, so to avoid cravings eat regularly.

Can we predict who will get anxiety?

The Blue Tree Clinic's budding psychology intern Saskia Castelijn talks about her fascinating research into anxiety...Whenever I am asked about mental health issues and which grabs my interest the most the majority of the time I would say anxiety.

Lots of Yoga

Dr Mark Silvert talks to "Lots of Yoga" about how Yoga can help with your mental well being.Click on the article below to read more...