How can you help someone with Anxiety?

The Blue Tree Clinic’s intern writes a anxiety support checklist. Here’s how you can help someone with anxiety.

When someone you love or care for is suffering with anxiety often the only feeling you have is that you want to help them in some way or another but often finding the right things to say and do seems like an impossible challenge. Following these top tips will offer anxiety support to your loved one.

So here at the Blue Tree Clinic we have come up with a anxiety support list with some tips to help you help your loved one.

Anxiety support, how you can help them:

– Let the person speak to you about their anxiety. It may be that just having you listen to them makes them more relaxed and at ease which in turn allows for them to come to you when they are in need.

– Learn a little bit about anxiety disorder, do some background reading, so you understand the illness a bit.

– Make sure that you do not judge your friend but instead try to understand that they are going through a tough time and that they trust you enough to tell you.

– Tell your friend that there is help out there, in forms of medication and therapy and that they are not alone.

-There is no quick fix to anxiety, it is an on-going mental health issue so be patient with your friend and allow them to take time and be forgiving if they say the wrong thing/ something which upsets you, they probably do not mean it.

-Try to do things which make your friend happy so that it can keep their mind off their anxiety, such as going shopping, going to the pub or even going for a walk.

– Reassurance; possibly the most important tip. Reassure them that you are there for them and that you are always there with a listening ear. Reassure them that they can always talk to you regardless of how big or small the issue may be. This reassurance allows them to understand you are there for them.

– And finally; if you see improvements in your friend remember to encourage and praise them. Getting reassurance and praise creates a feel good vibe which then only encourage similar behaviour and so praising your friend for overcoming something which made him/her anxious before is a real boost (Chromologic).

Make time for yourself and look after your own mental wellbeing

Although it is wonderful that you want to help your loved one and this can only be encouraged, please ensure you look after your own mental wellbeing. Make sure if it gets too much you tell a friend or family member so that they can listen to you so it doesn’t become too much for you.