At The Blue Tree Clinic we strive to work with people who are suffering with addictions with a sensitive and non judgemental approach. We understand how hard it can be to admit that you have an addiction be it to alcohol, drugs, food, internet, pornography, shopping,  smoking or sex amongst many others.

What is Addiction?

An addiction is a strong and uncontrollable urge to consume substances or undertake certain activities. This addiction exerts happiness in the individual and gives them the feel good factor. The addiction may begin with something such as drugs being pleasurable the behaviour results in the individual wanting to repeat the behaviour as the individual enjoyed it. This repetition of the behaviour can eventually lead to an addiction from which the individual has high difficulty retreating from.

What are the symptoms of Addiction?

Excess use                                              Deceitfulness
Inability to live without                          Irritability
Mood swings                                          Paranoia
Financial issues                                      Aggressive behaviour
Decline in performance                        Change in habits
Excessive lying                                       Neglecting responsibilities

If you believe you are suffering from some of the symptoms stated above therapy may be beneficial to you. Here at The Blue Tree Clinic, our therapists and doctors are here and ready to help you.

What are the types of Addiction?

Here are just a sample of a few :

Sex                       TV

Shopping            Alcohol

Food                    Smoking

Porn                    Gambling

How can therapy help?

Undertaking therapy for addiction can help you to understand how your addiction arose as well as finding ways to control your addiction and prevent them from taking over your life.

Types of therapy offered for Addiction at The Blue Tree Clinic?

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
– Cognitive Analytic Therapy
– Weight management and Nutrition help (suitable for individuals with food addiction)

It may be that our team believe you would benefit from medical help as well as therapeutic help in which case we may suggest private psychiatric treatment where a psychiatrist will assess you and decide whether physical tests or medication would help.

How can The Blue Tree Clinic help you?

At The Blue Tree Clinic we know that addiction can seriously affect your life, psychologically, emotionally, physically and mentally. We understand how hard it can be to admit you have an addiction so we ensure we are sensitive and take a non-judgemental approach when working with you. Our therapist will explore, with you, the symptoms which you have and with this the therapist will look into providing the best possible therapy for you.

This may involve one type of therapy of a variation of therapies. The therapist will explore the potential causes of the addiction, as well as finding ways to help you cope when the urge for the addiction occurs. The therapist will give you tools and techniques to manage these situations, help you overcome obstacles you may face, as well as giving help on preventing relapse once you finish your therapy with us.


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