Couples Therapy

Posted on: 9th July 2018

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is here to help you.

Relationships can be hard at times. Issues within a relationship can often be resolved in a short amount of time however sometimes issues are too difficult to resolve alone and professional intervention may be necessary.

Relationship issues can lead to exhaustion, upset, and low self-esteem. Talking through your problems and finding the root issues can be beneficial to both individuals in the relationship. Discussing problems can help reduce conflict and help gain a better understanding of your partner’s feelings.

How can Couples Therapy help me?

Our experienced couples’ therapist can work with you on an individual basis or as a couple to try to overcome the following issues;

  • Arguments with your partner
  • Intimacy problems
  • Lying to one another
  • Lack or breakdown of communication
  • Lack of trust
  • Anger towards your partner

Benefits of Couples Counselling

During your sessions, you will benefit from a neutral environment with the guidance of one of our experienced, unbiased therapists. Your therapist will work with you to improve the way you communicate with one another through talking and listening. This in turn will reduce the number and the intensity of arguments as you will have a better understanding of each other’s reactions. You will have the capabilities and tools to process and work through your unresolved issues for a healthy relationship.

Your counselling sessions will provide an open opportunity to share your needs, fears, hopes and desires for your relationship. Learning how to negotiate commitments as an individual and in your couple is an imperative part to communicating well with your partner. Working with a relationship counsellor can help both individuals to voice their feelings and concerns toward the relationship.

Your therapist will set you tasks outside of the clinic to help put your sessions into practice in your home environment. Couples counselling can help you to rebuild your relationship, improve your emotional connection and restore lost intimacy.

Couples Therapy at The Blue Tree Clinic

Couples therapy has proven to be highly effective. It is often an important step in a relationship and can prevent separation, divorce and further issues from arising.

Couples therapy can be conducted on an individual basis or as a couple. Couples who undergo therapy as individuals learn more about their partners and feel they have a deeper understanding within the relationship. They learn to trust their partners more and ensure that problems are sorted in a short amount of time rather than allowing them to escalate.

If you are experiencing relationship issues and would like to discuss how our Couples Therapy can help you, please contact our friendly team today.

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