Posted on: 9th July 2018

What is Counselling?


“Counselling” and “therapy” are often used interchangeably, but they involve different approaches to treating a patient. Counselling and therapy both involve talking with an individual about the hardships and conditions they may have. However, counselling is the process of searching for a solution, whereas therapy assists in gaining understanding about a situation and finding meaning in the challenges the patient is experiencing. With counselling, you will talk through any issues may have and discuss solutions to these problems.

What issues might Counselling be used for?

  • A mental health condition
  • A physical health condition that is affecting your mental health
  • A challenging obstacle in your life
  • Relationship issues (marital, familial, etc.)

What are the benefits of Counselling?


Having someone unbiased to talk to about anything weighing on your mind is very healthy. Bottling up these feelings can be detrimental and therefore, it is important to confront them.You will notice the weight lifted off your shoulders after discussing these issues with a professional.