Holly Westwood

Posted on: 4th June 2021

Holly is a presenter and mental health educator with a research MA from University College London and BA from University of Colorado. She is a creative writer, critical thinker and source analyst. She researches, writes and presents on mental health topics.

Beginning her career in the US, Holly has presented on a variety of tv and online platforms. Most recently before returning to the UK, she was an anchor on the morning breakfast show, Summit Sunrise Live in Colorado; conducting interviews and presenting human interest stories. With a background in communications, her research has been built upon an ongoing preoccupation with understanding the human elements behind the big events; the people are the story.

Her editorial work has covered topics ranging from generational trauma, the psychological impacts of immigration, gender and feminism in alternative medicine and the benefits of holistic health.

In her spare time, Holly loves to while away an afternoon in a museum, going for an adventure hike or take in a matinee play.