Dr Arianna Masotti

Posted on: 12th November 2023

Dr Arianna Masotti is a Clinical Psychologist & Couples Therapist at The Blue Tree Clinic, she is recognised by the HCPC and the BPS working with adults, teens and she also specialises in couples therapy work, available both in person and online.

She has gained research and clinical experience across the private, public, and charitable sectors both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Arianna Masotti completed her MSc with Distinction in Clinical Psychology at the prestigious University of Padua. She additionally completed her Master’s degree with distinction in analysis of nonverbal behaviour, couple therapy and group therapy.

Her main areas of expertise are:

  • Relationships (Couples Therapist)
  • perfectionism, self-esteem, self-criticism
  • narcissistic, borderline and dependent personality
  • narcissistic abuse
  • anxiety, stress, burnout, work-life balance
  • eating disorders
  • career goals, empowerment
  • domestic and sexual abuse

She believes in a “no size fits all” approach, adapting accordingly to each client’s unique needs, creating a tailor-made therapeutic pathway for each client.

She delivers psychodynamic therapy, CBT, CFT, ACT and mindfulness both for individuals and for couples.

Arianna is extremely warm, compassionate and genuine.

She has worked with expat clients to help them overcome language and cultural barriers following the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion founding “The Psychologist with the Suitcase”.

Dr Arianna believes that health is not only physical but also mental and has therefore worked with the luxury gyms in London to promote wellbeing and eradicate the stigma around mental disorders.

She has also conducted research on the beneficial effect of music in improving memory in Alzheimer’s patients at Middlesex University’s Department of Neuroscience.

In addition, she has written a paper on the therapeutic effect of art therapy as a bridge to communicate one’s inner reality to the outside world when experiences are untranslatable in words.

She helps her clients become more aware of themselves and their relationships by building a strong therapeutic alliance.

Her biggest passion is writing articles and novels. She is also interested in art, theatre and fitness.