Arielle Swan

Arielle Swann is a psychotherapist at the Blue Tree Clinic. She is available to see clients online or face to face / in person.

Arielle delivers Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Strengths-based
Therapy, Arts-based approaches, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and
Trauma-informed Therapy.

Arielle has extensive clinical experience working with adults, children and adolescents
within the social care system, rehabilitation, educational, clinical and community-based
mental health settings.

Arielle is very warm and empathic and person-centered approach is at the heart of her clinical practice. Each session is tailored to suit the individual’s needs and will incorporate a range of different approaches and she works with adults and children.

Her main areas of expertise include:
● Anxiety
● Performance anxiety
● Depression
● Trauma
● Behavioral difficulties
● Physical, sexual Abuse
● Navigating life transitions
● Relationship difficulties
● Sexuality
● Stress management
● Career/empowerment

Arielle utilises creative modalities within the therapeutic space to help individuals process their experiences in a safe and accessible way. She specialises in working with trauma and helping individuals safely process overwhelming or past traumatic experiences. Arielle has been engaging in conferences sharing trauma-informed tools to help individuals experiencing complex trauma and PTSD. She is also currently developing psychotherapy programs to support individuals within the performing arts sector.

Her favourite hobbies are going to the theatre, dancing, drawing and swimming.