The majority of people experience some issues within their workplace due to strict deadlines, intense upper-level management, or high self-expectations. A little bit of stress can serve as a motivator. However, too much can be crippling and damage your mental health. Work is a major source of stress for many people and it is important to address any issues, rather than letting them fester.

What are Work-Related issues?

Work-related issues go beyond small disagreements with coworkers or heavy workloads. When work causes immense, consuming stress, it can impact other areas of life and should be addressed. Some work-related issues include: harassment, discrimination, interpersonal coworker conflict, etc.

Experiencing intense anxiety about work can be debilitating and cause poor performance or attendance, lack of motivation, and a negative attitude towards work in general. The mental health conditions that can also follow work stress can be dangerous and talking to a therapist about work issues can help alleviate some stress.

What are the symptoms of Work-Related issues?

– Stress
– Change in appetite
– Fatigue
– Lack of self-confidence
– Lack of concentration and productivity
– Irritability
– Loss of sleep
– Headaches

What are the types of Work-Related issues?

Unfortunately, work causes and/or heightens many mental health conditions. The conditions most commonly correlated with work are:
– Anxiety
– Low self-esteem
– Depression
– Suicidal thoughts
– Sleep problems

How can therapy help?

It is important to talk to an unbiased, third party when feeling overwhelming stress from work, as to avoid more drama within the workplace. In talk therapy, you will be able to release bottled up frustrations and emotions. Your therapist will also help to identify the core of the work-related stress and to brainstorm solutions. They will help you become accustomed to managing and monitoring your own stress levels, which will ultimately improve your mental health.

Types of therapy offered for Work-Related issues at The Blue Tree Clinic?

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
– Counselling
– Psychotherapy

How can The Blue Tree Clinic help you?

The Blue Tree Clinic will provide you with the undivided attention that you need to relive as much work stress as possible. Just because you have a lot on your plate does not mean that you should have to manage it alone. Our therapists are well-trained in their respective fields and will cater their sessions to you. You will receive tools that will not only help reduce work stress, but other stressors in your life.

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