Nutrition & Stress – to replete the nutrients that Stress has taken away.

Less Stress Better Nutrition

Stress is a modern term used to describe how the pressures of modern life affects us.  Our nutritionist can help you achieve less stress and benefit from better nutrition to replete what nutrients are needed during this difficult time. A certain amount of pressure may be beneficial. However once this pressure either becomes constant or it exceeds the range we feel comfortable with then it can lead to unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms.

Excessive or long term stress can worsen pre existing conditions such as :

anxiety and panic attacks
– insomnia
– fatigue
– palpitations
– nausea and diarrhoea
– dizziness
– headaches
– irritability
 – low sex drive
 – Low concentration
– addictions to food, cigarettes alcohol or drugs

Treatment – First Steps

Our nutritionist Charlotte  can help you through this difficult time. Upon booking your first consultation she will assess your diet, eating patterns and stress levels and offer you manageable nutritional advice and meal plans to help you nourish your body to help alleviate some of th tiredness and mood swings experienced with stressful events.  Contact us to book in you first appointment and make the first step in feeling better and give your body the strength it needs to overcome the symptoms you have been experiencing.
  • Healthy foods little and often
  • Blood levels should be stabilised. Never skip meals especially breakfast 
  • Excess caffeine and nicotine will mimic the body’s stress response. Therefore tea and coffee should be limited to three cups a day. Or best still switch to herbal or decaffeinated brands.
  • Sugar salt and saturated fat intake should be cut along with processed or convenience foods.
  • Alcohol intake should be limited toa max of one to two units a day.
  • Vitamin C – Boost your intake of vitamin C rich foods
  • Vitamin b complex – b vitamins are quickly used up during stress and may make anxiety and irritability worse