Achieve Healthy Anger Management and Live a Stress-Free Life

Anger is as integral of an emotion as happiness. It is important for you to feel anger because it indicates that you are passionate about something or someone. However, if you tend to express your anger in a violent manner (shouting, throwing objects, or inflicting physical pain on yourself or someone else), you are likely causing destruction in relationships and it is critical for you to seek professional help. Uncontrollable anger is a vicious cycle because the more you lash out at those around you, the less they will want to have a relationship with you, and the more angry you will become.

What is Anger Management?

Anger Management is the process of identifying stressors that trigger you and utilizing tools to reel in your anger. The goals of anger management therapy are to learn to control your reactions and to respond in an appropriate manner.

Anger can be the result of various factors, which can be divided into two categories: internal events, such as injustices or unmet personal expectations, and external events, such as a break ups or job losses. People also express anger internally and externally. Internal anger could consist of depression, whereas external behaviour could involve verbal abuse or arguments. Anger management issues often correlate with an addiction or substance abuse. Those with anger management issues will lash out and gain temporary relief, but working with a professional to truly cope with obstacles is a longer-lasting solution.

What are the symptoms of Anger Management Issues?

– Depression
– Relationship issues
– Psychical violence
– Verbal abuse
– Addiction
– Paranoia
– Lack of sleep
– Anxiety
– Social isolation
– Increased blood pressure<
– Headaches
– Heart palpitations/chest tightening

How can therapy help?

Anger management issues often correlate with other mental health issues and therapy will help you to address anything affecting your well-being. A therapist will teach you the skills to managing your emotions and regaining control. They will help you reveal underlying stressors or trauma that is causing the anger and provide you with coping mechanisms. It might sound daunting to uncover the source of your anger with a therapist, but anyone can learn to manage their anger and it is much more achievable with help from a professional.

If you feel that your relationships are strained due to outbursts of anger you may have, therapy will help you to minimize this behaviour. Once you learn how to effectively handle your emotions, it will be easier to communicate with the people you are close to.

Types of therapy offered for Anger Management at The Blue Tree Clinic?

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
– Counselling
– Psychotherapy

How can The Blue Tree Clinic help you?

At The Blue Tree Clinic, we have talented therapists who specialize in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) who are willing to work together to adjust the way you think in a moment of anger. You will learn to control your emotions and react in a constructive manner. We can also offer you one-to-one counselling in which one of our therapists will hold discussions with you in order to reveal deeper issues affecting your behaviour.

If you tend to lash out, it does not mean that the aggression must be part of your permanent personality. Through therapy, anger management issues can be completely eliminated. If you are able to acknowledge that you have trouble managing your anger and seek help, you are very brave.

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