Beating Stress

Are you losing your head?

November is a busy month for many of us. It is a time where the year is coming to a close so deadlines are fast approaching, Christmas is on the horizon and the road are getting busier than ever. All of these demands can eventually take their toll on you and can result in one thing that everybody hates…. STRESS!!!

Stress is the way that you and your body respond to high levels of demand. This can be seen physically via high blood pressure, heart racing and headaches as well as impacting us psychologically. When we feel stressed we can feel very overwhelmed, panicky and worried. Sometimes the stress is manageable with a bubble bath and a cup of tea resolving the stress however sometimes the stress can be all too much and impacts us in detrimental ways.

When we become stress we can often feel quite low, irritable, snappy and frustrated and in extreme cases it can cause us to become unwell and need time off work. So knowing all of this here at The Blue Tree Clinic we want to help you manage that stress once and for all! So as a team we have come up with our favourite and best stress busters

For the little stressers in life consider:

1) Going for a brisk 20 minute walk, clearing your head always helps to distress.

2) Do a mindful task such as focusing on breathing or do some colouring in which is now a really popular option for adults!

3) Have an early night, getting more sleep decreases stress

4) Relax… do things you find relaxing such as a bubble bath or a funny film

5) Try get a little bit more organised – write a to do list, keep a diary or even put post it notes up

For the heavier stressers consider:

1) Try talking to someone, a friend, partner or colleague and if this doesn’t help maybe try speak to a psychologist or counsellor (Here at The Blue Tree Clinic we have experts trained in helping with stress so why not give us a call or send us an email).

2) Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine- these have all been shown to contribute to stress.

3) Write down what makes you stressed. Note the date, time and trigger. This way you can really focus on what the problem is and find some techniques to help tackle that.

4) Take back the control! If something is stressing you out, break it down into manageable chunks and take control of the situation. And if this seems too much, as a friend or doctor to help you! We would be more than happy to help you with this!

5) And if it all has got too much and you are off sick or feeling overwhelmed, take the time to recover. It is okay to have some time out but in this time really focus on you and make yourself happy and stress free again!

We hope these tips help you! Staying happy, healthy and stress free is really important.

So if you have any issues you know where we are.