The Blue Tree Clinic in Harley Street provides expert Psychiatry and psychology treatments combining CBT, EMDR and nutrition therapy for a client centered approach to health and well being.

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Let’s discuss how we can help you. We offer private psychiatry, psychology, CBT  and nutrition services for your individualised health concerns

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Click here to hear what some of our clients think about our practice. Listen now.Private Psychiatry and Psychology in London – (Same Day Appointments including bank holidays)

Private Psychiatry and Psychology in Harley Street, London

Same Day Appointments including bank holidays

At the Blue Tree Clinic, we are pleased to offer a range of Private Psychiatry and Psychology treatments for all your mental health needs. It can be quite daunting visiting a new clinic for the first time. We’ll make it as easy in our safe, comfortable, welcoming clinic in London. We focus on a holistic approach and work with integrated health professionals including our Nutritionist and CBT therapists.

Rebuilding your mental health is different to mending a physical injury

It can be hard to take the decision to tackle something weighing on your mind. You may feel there are too many unknowns about what your treatment might be and whether it can really help?

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What are people saying? (Taken from Verified Google Reviews)

My husband visited the Blue Tree Clinic and I can honestly say I have been very impressed with the warmth and discretion of Dr Mark Silvert. Over the course of the consultations he was very professional and enabled my partner to move forward and get help from a very personal sensitive issue that he has been struggling with.

Jane Hasking

I was very nervous to book in with the staff, but they made it really welcoming, and I saw 2 of the practice staff, both were lovely, thank you to Mark and the team for helping me, I am 6 months later, feeling so much better.

Laura Stevens

Very small almost boutique like clinic with really caring and nice professionals. It takes a while to feel comfortable and it took a while to get better but I am glad i found the right people – they really care about you and make you feel at ease.

Charlotte Smith